Mapping the Loop


Shrewsbury is a wonderfully historic and multi-layered place with many stories to tell.  It is also a town undergoing great change as new housing developments grow and investment in the Flax Mill, University Centre and Dana drives change within the town centre.  Places are never fixed in time or space, as buildings are demolished and new ones are built in their place.  But it is not really just the physical built environment, or natural features like the River Severn, that define place, it is people’s diverse and collective experiences that shape our sense of place.  Constantly evolving.

Over the coming months, HereHere! artists will be walking and working with a range of different groups of people from Shrewsbury to explore and share experiences, memories and thoughts about this place we all live in.  We will be thinking about how new developments may alter how we view our town.  For individuals, it is often not the significant events in history or in current times that influence our sense of place, it is the everyday experiences, the joys and challenges we all face together and as individuals, that bring the town to life.

We are looking forward to creating art works that build up a map of experiences of Shrewsbury in the 21st Century.


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