Here Here! is a collective of artists based in Shrewsbury.  We use artistic vision to challenge or raise questions and help put creativity at the heart of social and environmental actions.  We believe that collaboration brings us all together and makes for a more resilient community.

Our aims are to:

  • Use art to experience the places/communities we live in through fresh eyes and through the eyes of those we collaborate with
  • Transform how we think about and respond to a place and our everyday environment
  • Use walking to engage with and draw inspiration from surroundings
  • Make work for sharing and exhibition
  • Promote wellbeing through being more consciously in the present, noticing the particular and multiple meanings of places
  • Listen, and give a voice to marginalised groups and share their views
  • Share work that can inform the direction and work of decision makers in the built environment and in delivering public services

The artists have a wide range of experience:

  • Leading workshops in arts and yoga
  • Arts for health
  • Social documentary
  • Socially engaged practice
  • Curating exhibitions
  • Residencies
  • Site interventions
  • Performance
  • Research
  • Project management

Read about the individual artists here.