Creative Walking Events

Here Here! will be running a series of workshop events involving walking, making art and creative writing in response to selected places in Shrewsbury.  The walks will encourage participants to:

  • experience their surroundings more attentively and with curiosity, noticing the particular using all senses and promoting well being
  • reflect on and think differently about the place they live in
  • develop art skills, making work for sharing and exhibition
  • use walking to engage with and draw inspiration from surroundings.

Walks will not be strenuous, but may involve steps or steep slopes in a mix of rural and urban landscapes close to the town centre.  Participants will gather materials (such as scavenged objects, drawings, photographs, audio, tracings, rubbings, narrative and found text) and combine these with thoughts/memories to create art in response to the places experienced in the walk.

Participants will not be expected to already have artistic skills, but some basic assistance will be given to encourage experimentation.

You can read about the first two events in our blog on Creative Walking and Writing and Mapping and Collage.

Please contact us here if you would like to attend future events or if you would like to discuss an opportunity for us to organise an event for you.

Further dates and details of future events to be announced soon.